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Install FreeBSD 10 – ZFS and SMB Optimization

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Procedure 2.2. Using Windows® to Write the Image
Be sure to give the correct drive letter as the output target, or you may overwrite and destroy existing data.

Obtaining Image Writer for Windows®

Image Writer for Windows® is a free application that can correctly write an image file to a memory stick. Download it from https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer/ and extract it into a folder.

Writing the Image with Image Writer

Double-click the Win32DiskImager icon to start the program. Verify that the drive letter shown under Device is the drive with the memory stick. Click the folder icon and select the image to be written to the memory stick. Click [ Save ] to accept the image file name. Verify that everything is correct, and that no folders on the memory stick are open in other windows. When everything is ready, click [ Write ] to write the image file to the memory stick.

Apoi conectare stick la server.

Structura cea mai eficienta:
1 HDD Sata normal pe ada0 pentru zroot ( sistemul de operare )
2 HDD SSD pe ada1 si ada2 pentru zfs share ( unde o sa stocam datele )

Folosirea partition editorului din installer pentru zroot, selectie hdd ada0 fara raid ( strip 0 )

apoi reboot

din sistem
zpool create storage mirror ada1 ada2
zfs create storage/share
zfs set compression=gzip storage/share
zfs set mountpoint=/share storage/share
df -H

Checksum verification is known as scrubbing. Verify the data integrity of the storage pool with this command:

# zpool scrub storage

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